Alternative Sports To Try This Summer

It’s always healthy to shake things up a little. As enjoyable as they can be, sports such as football, tennis, rugby and other popular sports, can become routinely and boring. So why not see what else there is on offer, the summer provides the perfect opportunity to try out some alternative sports, and who knows, you could end up discovering a sport that you love.

Bog Snorkelling

1. Zorb Ball or Zorbing.     Imagine yourself wrapped up in a big ball of bubble wrap, rolling down a hill, this is practically what Zorbing is. Competitors are placed inside a larger inflatable ball and race with others downhill.  Fantastical.

2. Roller Derby.       If you love roller skating then this is the sport for you. Roller Derby is played on oval track with two teams of five skating in the same direction, basically, the team with the most points, wins. Simple but a whole lot of fun!

3. Sepak Takraw.      Played across Asia, this sport is a tricky one. The sport is similar to Volleyball but players aren’t allowed to use their hands and therefore must use their bodies, legs, head and feet instead.  A lot of unusual shapes are pulled in this sport.

4. Kite Surfing.      Unfortunately, due to the Great British weather, this is a sport you may want to try on holiday where good weather is guaranteed. Kite surfing is water sport where kite surfers use the power of a kite to surf the water.

5. Paintballing.      This sport can be played competitively or recreationally at any time of the year and is often played for birthday parties or stag and hen do’s.  In large groups, paintballing isn’t too expensive and is a good excuse to go with friends to share the experience. This under-cover military style of sport, but with colourful paint, is something everyone should try.

6. Water Spheres.      Maybe not so much a sport but for a bit of excitement and if you fancy walking on water without getting wet, water spheres are definitely worth an attempt. Similar to Zorbing but this time the plastic bubble is on water, many companies provide water spheres for different events.

7.High Ropes and Wire Adventure Course.   A brilliant idea if you want to conquer any fears of heights.  There are many courses up and down the country, the adventure course is like an assault course but up in the trees and is brilliant if you want to get your adrenaline pumping.

8.Archery.      Archery is a sport we all know of but how many of us have actually tried it? This sport requires skill and accuracy, originating from hunting and combat.

9.Indoor Sky-Diving.      If you’ve always wondered what it feels like to skydive but have always been too scared to jump out of that plane, thousands of feet up in the air, then indoor skydiving is an experience you’ve got to try. Divers are placed in a wind tunnel which gives them the same feeling as you would if you were sky-diving.  Be prepared to be blown away.

10.Bog Snorkelling.  And the best alternative sport is saved till last, that’s if you enjoy snorkeling and mud. Competitors must battle against each other to complete two consecutive lengths of a bog, relying only on flipper power.  It’s all a great deal of muddy fun.



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